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316L stainless steel plate survives

How can 316L stainless steel plate survive and survive: According to the information released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, among the 20 cities with the most serious air pollution from January to November, 17 cities have steel enterprises. The stainless steel industry has an unshirkable attitude towards current air pollution. responsibility.
According to the investigation, China's domestic key large and medium-sized steel enterprises' energy-saving and environmental protection investment is only 25.21 yuan, which is far lower than the level of foreign enterprises. In particular, some historically backward production capacity has not been eliminated, and technological transformation of environmental protection facilities is difficult. At present, two-thirds of China's steel sintering machines do not have desulfurization technology.
The desulfurization effect of the installed desulfurization facilities is still very poor, and the average desulfurization effect is only 38.6%, far from the design value and national emission reduction requirements. Compared with 2016, the desulfurization effect in 2017 is still nearly 10% lower.
Domestically, there are commonalities in the external attribute system of metals such as nickel, aluminum and copper. The mineral resources-based raw materials are highly dependent on foreign countries, and China has the largest global production capacity, output and consumption of such metals. It has spawned the emergence of various non-ferrous metal futures trading platforms in China, the most notable of which is the Shanghai copper variety created in the previous period, which has broken the pattern that the copper price was led by the outer disk, at least played a role in balancing the external disk (although the external disk is quite a part) It is also Chinese participation.)
The Shanghai nickel variety has also achieved good performance. Its daily trading volume under the same caliber is 2-3 times that of LME nickel. Shanghai Aluminum has become a “lone wolf” to open the outer disk to guide the trend of domestic aluminum varieties. In view of this, the sales of Wuxi stainless steel plate can also promote the futures model.
Judging from the external properties of domestic 316L stainless steel plates, it is also the largest in terms of production capacity, output and consumption. Compared with copper and nickel futures, it is early in operation, well-functioning and influential. Wuxi Stainless Steel The varieties of the plates are different. The 316L stainless steel plate futures varieties have not been seen in the international market. They have only been built in China, but they have not formed the influence of nickel, copper and other varieties.

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