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Analysis of stainless steel plates

Nowadays, there is a large demand for stainless steel plates on the market. This article takes everyone to understand some physical properties of stainless steel plates.
First, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the stainless steel plate, which is a change in the mass of the material caused by the change in temperature, and the coefficient of expansion is the slope of the curve of temperature and expansion;
Second, the density of the stainless steel plate. Zhengzhou mass per unit volume density of the stainless steel plate is a stainless steel plate, is the concept that all objects density.
Third, its modulus of elasticity, the modulus of elasticity is the force required per unit area when the force applied to the ends of a prism per unit length can cause a unit change in the length of the object.
Fourth, resistivity, resistivity is the resistance measured between two opposite sides of a cubic material per unit length, that is, the resistance measured between two opposite sides of a stainless steel plate;
Fifth, the magnetic permeability, the magnetic permeability is the ratio of the magnetic induction intensity to the magnetic field strength, which mainly indicates the extent to which the substance is easily magnetized;
Sixth, the melting temperature range, which is the temperature at which the alloy begins to melt and solidify;
Seventh, the physical properties of Zhengzhou stainless steel plate is the specific heat required when the specific heat is 1 degree change of the unit temperature.
Eighth, thermal conductivity is a measure of the rate of thermal conduction of a substance, that is, a measure of the rate of thermal conduction of a stainless steel plate;
Ninth, thermal diffusivity, thermal diffusivity is a property of determining the rate of advancement of the internal temperature of a substance. It is the ratio of thermal conductivity to the product of heat and density.
904L stainless steel plate

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