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316L stainless steel plate

As the downstream industry with the largest consumption of steel, the real estate market has been sluggish this year, which has imposed a very large constraint on the release of demand for 2205 stainless steel sheets;
Even with a series of micro-stimulus measures, but the actual implementation is not in place, the demand growth rate of 2205 stainless steel plate has also hit a new low in recent years, coupled with the economic weakness to drive the domestic price level correction, and the cost market has been severely suppressed, 2205 The price of stainless steel plates has reached a record low, and there are still signs of stability.
The price of 2205 stainless steel plate is still 3,400 yuan / ton in the first month of this year, and now only 2,900 yuan / ton. As normal, the price of 2205 stainless steel plate will rise, but this year has been falling, the business has been losing money, "all lost hundreds of thousands of dollars."
At present, it mainly engages in construction steel such as 2205 stainless steel plate. On the one hand, it is due to the weather. The number of construction days is small, resulting in a decrease in transaction volume. On the other hand, from the perspective of the national environment, the demand for 2205 stainless steel plates is far less than the growth of supply, and the 2205 stainless steel plate market is in a state of oversupply.

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