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High temperature stainless steel plate

The subsequent power of the high temperature resistant stainless steel plate is weakened. Some major projects are coming to an end, high-temperature stainless steel pipes and railway investment have certain goals, and high-temperature resistant stainless steel pipes are all faster than the same period last year.
Coupled with the cold winter strike, the outdoor construction conditions in the north are limited. It can be understood that the high-temperature stainless steel pipe used in the downstream steel industry during the year, especially in the construction industry, the construction of major projects and construction progress will be delayed.
High-temperature stainless steel pipes and local debt problems are serious. Financing is still the main obstacle to the start of construction and construction progress; it may restrict the consumption of steel to a certain extent.
After the National Day holiday, the galvanizing market once ushered in a small wave of purchase and replenishment operations, but it was continuously digested based on effective demand, and the high-temperature resistant stainless steel pipe was once again in a "light" state.
Last week, the galvanizing market was consolidating. The high-temperature resistant stainless steel pipe began to weaken partially this week. Recently, the Shanghai galvanizing market has been steadily falling. Currently, the market inventory is generally at a low level. The high-temperature stainless steel pipe has a relatively large inventory pressure.
In the face of the November futures prices dominated the steel mills more stable out of the street, the overall confidence of the high temperature stainless steel tube market is hard to get better.

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