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310S stainless steel plate rebound

The price of long products of 310S stainless steel plate has rebounded recently: Since the beginning of this year, the 310S stainless steel plate has changed significantly. The Shenwan 310S stainless steel plate has risen 13.54% since 2017 and 34 stocks that can be traded. 22 of this year have risen.
Among them, there are 18 stocks with a cumulative increase of more than 10% during the period. The Bayi 310S stainless steel plate has the highest increase since the beginning of this year, reaching 97.30%. Fangda Special Steel followed closely, with a cumulative increase of 68.09% during the period. The increase was also over 50%, reaching 57.24%.
In addition, the stocks that have accumulated more than 20% of the increase this year include: Nanjing Iron and Steel, Xingang, Hegang, Linggang, Xinxing Casting, Baotou Steel, Angang and Sangang Shuguang.
In addition, Platts released the China Stainless Steel Sentiment Index (CSSI) for November at 25.61 points, down 12.47 points from the previous month, to the lowest level since the index was launched in May 2016. It indicates that Chinese stainless steel market participants expect that demand for stainless steel will further weaken this year.

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