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310S stainless steel plate appears

310s stainless steel market price constitutes a certain support, and if the steel plant subsidizes traders on schedule, the 310s stainless steel shopping mall will also have a feeling of price, so it is expected to stabilize and weaken the situation in the second half.
Domestic mines have fallen by 10-30 yuan, and the low-pressure Baosteel high-pressure boiler tube factory has been purchased on demand. Generally, only 15-20 days of inventory has been reserved. Some steel mills have limited mining and mining, limited demand for shopping malls, plus capital pressure at the end of the year, and some urgently needed funds. Turnover miners have rushed to the traders, causing the overall decline in mining prices and short-term weakness consolidation.
The coke shopping mall continued to consolidate. Except for a small reduction of 20 yuan in Hunan's individual steel mills, coke shopping malls in other regions were stable. Because the price of coking by-products fell, the coke enterprises were at a loss-making state, and the steel mills were relatively stable. 310s The condition of stainless steel is outstanding, there is no inventory pressure, and the short-term low level is consolidating. In summary, the cost support is weak.
Now that the steel market lacks obvious positive boosts, the weaker format of the mine price will continue to be continuous next week. It is estimated that the price of the leading regional shopping malls will fall by 10-20 yuan/ton, and individual shopping malls should pay close attention to the iron powder inventory of steel mills.
The inventory of the port continued to decline rapidly, but the price of the mine did not stop. It was caused by the billet and the timber, and the outer mine mall continued to be in a downturn.

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