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Welding deformation of stainless steel plate

As a useful welding skill, laser welding technology plays an active role in improving welding quality.
However, by the laser current and other factors, stainless steel plate laser welding deformation problems.
In this regard, welding personnel can adopt the orthogonal experiment method to obtain the best process parameters of steel plates of different thickness, combine the parameters to carry out welding operations, constantly improve the welding quality, and then maximize the occurrence of the deformation of steel plates.
As a new material, stainless steel is widely used in the fields of aerospace and auto parts because of its characteristics of corrosion resistance and molding.
And laser welding in the use of stainless steel occupies a very important position, especially in the automotive industry, the body of all use welding method to join.
However, the impact of many factors, stainless steel plate welding deformation problems, and more difficult to control, is not conducive to the sustainable development of related categories. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the research on laser welding deformation of stainless steel plate.
Laser welding first refers to the use of laser as a heat source ablation and join workpiece of a welding method.
In the process of laser welding, the laser irradiates on the surface of the welding data, and some of it will be reflected and the rest will be absorbed into the data, and the welding policy will be finished.
In short, the process of laser welding is an ablation welding process that USES the high-power laser beam after focusing by the optical system to illuminate the surface of the welded data, and then makes full use of the data to absorb light energy for heating and other treatments, and finally forms the welded joint after cooling. Generally, laser welding is mainly divided into thermal conduction welding and deep fusion welding.

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