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Quality assurance of stainless steel plate

Development and application technology of high quality Marine engineering steel. The jack-up platform is made of 690MPa extra-thick plate and large-diameter seamless pipe, steel and supporting welding materials for 460MPa jacket platform, thick plate and supporting welding materials for large-line energy welding platform, large-wall thickness deep-sea riser and pipeline steel, weathering steel and anti-seawater corrosion steel for south China sea island infrastructure.
Seawater desalination, Marine chemical special duplex stainless steel, high molybdenum super austenitic stainless steel, corrosion resistant alloy for deep-sea gathering and transportation system, precipitation hardening type stainless steel, deep-sea drilling USES high grade and high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel and other materials research and development, production and application technology.
Key technology for manufacturing high performance corrosion-resistant steel. The corrosion mechanism, service behavior and evaluation methods of iron and steel materials under different corrosion environments (Marine corrosion, acidic environment, oil and gas corrosion, atmospheric corrosion, wear corrosion, etc.) were studied. Based on the material design method of the whole life cycle concept of the product, the corrosion resistant steel alloy composition design, smelting, continuous casting, rolling and cooling control, welding, mechanical processing and other technologies with different corrosion mechanisms are developed to form the corrosion resistant steel material system with our own intellectual property rights.
Key technologies for customized intelligent manufacturing of steel. Whole process customized manufacturing system; Intelligent optimization technology of steel industry supply chain; Intelligent design and optimization technology of steel material; Prediction of steel microstructure and properties, merging of steel grades and coordination and optimization control of steel process parameters; Mining and analyzing technology of spatial-temporal tracking and synchronization of big data and knowledge hybrid of steel process; High-precision production model and knowledge base based on production process big data and production experience; The performance parameters of customized products are dynamic merging of traction steel and dynamic prediction technology of microstructure and properties of steel materials.

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