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Hastelloy C-276

Hastelloy C-276 is a kind of extremely low silicon carbon content, is considered to be a universal anti-corrosion alloy. Mainly resistant to wet chlorine, various oxidizing chlorides, chloride salt solutions, sulfuric acid and oxidizing salts, it has good corrosion resistance in low and medium temperature hydrochloric acid. Therefore, in the past thirty years, in the harsh corrosive environment, such as chemical industry, petrochemical industry, flue gas desulfurization, pulp and paper, environmental protection and other industrial fields have been widely used.
The alloy has the following characteristics: ① In the two atmospheres of oxidation and reduction, it has excellent corrosion resistance to most corrosive media. ②Excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion. The higher Mo and Cr contents make the alloy resistant to chloride ion corrosion, and the W element further improves the corrosion resistance. At the same time, Hastelloy C-276 alloy is one of the only materials that are resistant to corrosion by wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions. Significant corrosion resistance. Suitable for sulfuric acid solutions of various concentrations, it is one of the few materials that can be applied to hot concentrated sulfuric acid solutions.

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