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904L stainless steel tube supply in China

What is the basic mechanical properties of the904L stainless steel tube is an important indicator of the mechanical properties of the end use (mechanical properties) that ensures the performance of stainless steel.

It depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment process. Tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation) and hardness, toughness, and user requirements of the high and low temperature performance requirements first.

Steel pipe elongation (tensile test), the sample fracture increases its measured length and the original gauge length of the percentage, called elongation. To indicate that the unit is%. The formula is: where: L1 - specimen fracture specimen original gauge length, mm - mm in length from the length L0.
In the case of
Second, the cross section of the steel pipe shrinkage (tensile test), the specimen fracture in its diameter is reduced to reduce the cross-sectional area of the largest original cross-sectional area, known as the section shrinkage, the percentage of the amount. To indicate that the unit is%.



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