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    2205 stainless steel plate

    About stainless steel plates: The original steel mill plates we rarely see now, but they are more common in the market due to their large size, high cost, difficulty in pickling, and inconvenient transportation. Stainless steel plate.
    Ordinary stainless steel plates are divided into two categories:
    Board price conversion example:
    The actual thickness of a standard stainless steel plate having a thickness of 2 mm is 1.8 mm, and the theoretical weight of a 2 ton stainless steel plate is 1.8 tons. If the adjustment price is 11,400 yuan / ton, then the price of the pound is probably (2 / 1.80) * 11400 = 12,650 yuan / ton, (the number is negative public service (1.80-2) / 2 * 100% = 10%, 11400 / (1-9%) = 12,650 yuan / ton)
    In general, the price is overweight and the price is high; the board price is adjusted, it is heavier than the pound, and the price is lower than the price. (General merchants will use this method to solve, because ordinary stainless steel plates will have a 5% difference, and some will even reach 30%, so the price of the pound is generally high).
    Stainless steel plate width classification
    1. Cold-rolled stainless steel plate and coil plate are flat.
    A, the stainless steel coil plate is divided into 1 meter, the board surface is 1.219 meters, and the board surface is 1.5 meters.
    B, the commonly used stainless steel plate scale is 1 m * 2 m, 1.219 m * 2.438 m
    2, hot-rolled stainless steel plate is divided into coiled plate, open flat plate and hot rolled flat plate
    A, stainless steel coil plate commonly used 1.5 meters, 1.25 meters
    B, stainless steel plate commonly used scale 1.5 * 6 meters, 1.8 * 6 meters, 1.25 * 6 meters.

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