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Several foreign trade clerks
Job Responsibilities:
1. With international market development experience, can correctly understand customer needs, and can take orders independently;
2. Responsible for product sample confirmation (tracking sample production, quality, packaging confirmation, price check, making quotation, etc.);
3. Responsible for handling the entire order process (order confirmation, detailed communication, tracking and implementation, etc.), and solving various problems in the order process until the shipment is smooth;
4. Maintain a good relationship with suppliers and customers, and be able to independently handle all issues that occur;
5. Able to make timely suggestions to the design and development department to develop new products according to market changes and needs;
6, good maintenance of old customers, and actively develop new customers.
1. University degree or above, major in business English, international trade;
2. College English level 6 or professional level 4 or above, be able to accurately express written expressions, and oral communication requires proficient communication with foreign businessmen;
3. Possess good communication skills, clear thinking, quick response, pioneering spirit, and strong stress resistance;
4. Have a certain understanding of metal products;
5. Familiar with foreign trade process and operation of B2B foreign trade platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon.
Our advantage: Being able to participate in major international and domestic exhibitions and face-to-face communication with foreign investors, allowing you to grasp market changes and international fashion trends in time!

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