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310S stainless steel plate steel amplitude

However, there are also some steel traders who are cautious about the later trend. The 310S stainless steel plate may be lowered in late March. Due to the great changes and adjustments in the domestic economic situation and the bank's loan policy to traders since last year, the traditional statement of 'Golden September, Silver 10' may not necessarily hold.
Although the current state has introduced relevant favorable policies, in the short term, from the company level, it has not seen great results. Of course, it is still promising in the long run.
In the past years, before the arrival of “Golden September and Silver 10”, 310S stainless steel plate traders had a large number of goods, but due to the economic situation, the trend of steel prices this year is different from previous years. It is difficult to judge the light and peak seasons with the previous standards.
Instead of buying a large amount of goods in advance, the order is placed according to the shipment volume to ensure normal operation. It is difficult to see the current trend. The price of steel prices will not rise too much. The "Golden September and Silver 10" is no longer a symbol of the peak season. The attitude of traders to "Golden September and Silver 10" is more calm and objective than before. There will be traders to choose the goods.

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