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Chemical composition of high quality board


Chemical composition (%):
Chemicai composition (WT %)
Carbon (C) : 0.15 or less
Silicon (Si) : 0.75 or less
(Mn) manganese :5.5 ~ 7.50
Cr :16.0 ~ 18.0
Nitrogen (N) : 0.25 or less
(Ni) nickel :3.50 ~ 5.50
Phosphorus (P) : 0.060 or less
Sulfur (S) : 0.030 or less
Physical properties of
Tensile strength :100,000 to 180,000 psi
Yield strength :50,000 to 150,000 psi
Density :.280 LBS /cubic inch(density 7.93g/cm3)
Specification editing
Board width: 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm;
Cold rolling section: stainless steel sheet cold rolling 2B (coil, strip, plate);
Feature boards: 3. 5mm -- 6mm 304/2b, 316L/2B;
Thickness: cold tie 2B (0.1-6.0mm); Surface: 2B smooth surface, BA; 8 k mirror; Wire drawing and sand grinding; Snowflake sand; Stainless steel no fingerprint plate;
Decorative panels: color plate, titanium plate, etching plate, oil polished grain plate (HL, no.4), 3D solid plate, sandblasting plate, embossed plate hot rolling department: stainless steel plate hot rolling no.1 (coil plate, plate);
Thickness: industrial No.1(3-159mm) surface: 8K mirror; Wire drawing, titanium plating, sand grinding; Snowflake sand; Stainless steel no fingerprint plate;

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