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Wholesale ASTM 430 Stainless Steel sheet

Chemical Property:
C:≤≤0.12  ,
  Si :≤0.75 ,  
 Mn :≤1.00,
  Cr :16.0~18.0
Ni :≤0.60
  S :≤0.030 ,   
P :≤0.040
Mo: 2.0~3.0
Mechanical Property:
T.S: ≥450
EL%: 30
Y.S: (N/mm2)≥205
Construction decoration, household appliance and assembly of household electrics etc.
Widely use for tableware with the excellent antioxidant capacity.
Surface of 430 Stainless Steel Sheet:
NO.1、1D、2D、2B、N0.4、HL、BA、Mirror etc.
Thickness: 0.12-65MM
Standard size:  1219*2438MM        Cold Rolled
              1500*6000MM       Hot Rolled
Other Size: As request.
General Delivered State:
Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled
Product List
430 Stainless Steel Sheet, 430 Stainless Steel Plate, 304 Stainless Steel Coil.
Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China

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