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Stainless steel plate prices rise and fall

The rise and fall of the price of stainless steel plates is like a night of passion and dreams; the roller coaster-like "popping ups and downs" market, several times the "1~3 day parade", I don't know the glass-hearted steel traders, whether the heart is Affordable.
However, just as the time of enjoying it, the plunging of no foreplay began this way; the profitable “fathers” took the lead, through the Tangshan billet, the steel plunged, the 2205 stainless steel plate market has not yet reacted to the gap, shameless In advance "second shot", profit-taking cash + high turnover is light, is rapidly reversing the wind.
The price of 2205 stainless steel plate is lower than that of 20 years ago. It is really impossible to fall down again. The market is basically at the bottom. As long as there is a little spark, the dryness of the dried vegetables is definitely a little bit.
However, it is difficult to think about this as a rising road. After all, the reduction in production is not obvious. With the determination of the bottom and the recovery of the steel mill effect, the steel mill maintenance plan will also change; and the demand for the terminal is still not dead. Live tangled, no solution in the short term

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