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304 stainless steel coil manufacturers

Based on spiral plate heat exchanger, 304 stainless steel coil is a new structure which USES steel tube instead of steel plate. It has the advantages of spiral plate heat exchanger, overcomes many shortcomings of spiral plate heat exchanger, has the advantages of higher heat transfer efficiency, higher working pressure and pressure difference, and light weight. The structural features of the equipment are as follows :(1) the internal and external channels are spiral gradually opening fluid channels, which can realize the reverse and swirling flow of both primary and secondary media to carry out heat exchange. Compared with spiral plate heat exchanger, the heat exchange device has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, low material consumption, compact structure, small size and light weight, and high pressure bearing capacity. (2) it is suitable for the case of large pressure difference between two channels. Due to the high bearing capacity of spiral coil pipe, the pipe passes through high-pressure medium and the pipe passes through low-pressure medium. (3) the equipment changes the distance column in the spiral plate to the distance plate, which saves materials and has better heat transfer effect.
At present, you can open the seamless welded pipe fitting GB standard manual according to what I told you. It was explained in detail at the very beginning, 90 ° 1.5d coil, also known as long radius coil. It explains in detail the DN and NPS corresponding table of the coil, and then recommends the specific data suitable for the size error and shape and position tolerance of the national standard coil. Take a common DN100 coil for example, there is probably as long as the example of national standard coil, you will probably be clear. Couplet DN100 long radius gb coil is divided into two series, one is I series, one is 2 series, the meaning is what DN100 option 1 series, the actual outside diameter is 108 gb coil, coil is fluid pipeline transport system in the control parts, used to change channel cross section and flow direction of medium, with diversion, globe, throttle, check, or the overflow pressure relief, and other functions. Stainless steel coils for fluid control, from globe valves to valves used in extremely 

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