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Stainless steel 304 pipe how much a ton

A lot of people in the purchase will ask 304 stainless steel tube manufacturers such a question, this is because the people asking questions and did not explain the specifications, did not put forward is a seamless pipe or stainless steel welded pipe, so it is basically unable to answer this question.

If it is the general material 304 stainless steel pipe, its price in the market with good manufacturer's price is also more, if used in different places, the pipe price also has difference, plus 304 stainless steel pipe was not a fixed price, so the price of steel pipe itself is maximum limit in the price of raw

materials, which is on the influence of the stainless steel price element Ni is very big.

In short, if the fluctuation of the price of nickel is relatively large, then the price of 304 stainless steel tube is about a price a day, the general quotation usually in three to five days will have the effect, when buying the need to consult 304 stainless steel tube manufacturers in detail.

Weight calculation formula of single rusty steel circular pipe :(outer diameter - actual thickness) * actual thickness *0.02491* ° c

The formula for calculating the weight of rusty steel pipe :(nozzle circumference / 3.14- actual thickness) * actual thickness *0.02491* degree, whose 0.02491 is converted by the density of rusty steel

For example, the weight of a single 6-meter round pipe (63-0.82) *0.82*0.02491*6=7.62kg;

A single weight [(38+25) * 2/3.14-0.52) *0.52] *0.52*0.02491*6=3.08kg for each meter of rust steel pipe

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