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Stainless steel 304 tube how much

Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel) is short for acid-proof Stainless Steel, resistant to weak corrosive medium such as air, steam, water, or with a Stainless Steel grade is called Stainless Steel; And the chemical medium corrosion resistance (acid, alkali, salt and other chemical erosion) of the steel

known as acid-resistant steel. Due to the difference in the chemical composition of the two so that their corrosion resistance is different, ordinary stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical medium corrosion, and acid steel is generally rust resistant

If the price is for specific specifications and models, the single weight is multiplied by the unit price.
Weight calculation formula of single stainless steel circular pipe :(outer diameter - actual thickness)* actual thickness *0.02491* length,
The formula for calculating the weight of the stainless steel pipe is :(nozzle circumference /3.14- actual thickness)* actual thickness *0.02491* length, of which 0.02491 is a constant converted from the density of stainless steel.
For example, the solid thickness of 63 stainless steel tubes is 0.82. The weight of a single 6-meter stainless steel tube is (63-0.82)*0.82*0.02491*6=7.62kg. The theoretical weight of a 6-meter long 63 circular tube is 7.62kg.
The single weight of the 6-meter long stainless steel pipe 38*25 0.52 thick is [(38+25)*2/3.14-0.52]*0.52*0.02491*6=3.08kg. If you calculate the weight of each meter of stainless steel pipe, change the length into one meter.

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