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Stainless steel tube how much a catty

Most stainless steel tubes are 6 meters long, but you can also customize the length. Price word specification material thickness is different also different, single price with unit price times single weight.

Weight calculation formula of single stainless steel circular pipe :(outer diameter - actual thickness) * actual thickness *0.02491* length,

Formula for calculating the weight of stainless steel pipe :(nozzle circumference / 3.14- actual thickness) * actual thickness *0.02491* length, of which 0.02491 is the corrosion resistance of stainless steel

All metals react with oxygen in the atmosphere to form an oxide film on the surface. Unfortunately, the iron oxide formed on ordinary carbon steel continues to oxidize, causing the corrosion to expand and eventually form holes. You can use paint or oxidation resistant metals (such as zinc, nickel

and chromium) to protect the surface of carbon steel, but, as is known, this protection is only a thin film. If the protective coating is broken, the steel below begins to rust.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on chromium, but because chromium is one of the components of steel, there are different ways to protect it.

The amount of chromium added was up to 10. When the content of chromium is higher, the corrosion resistance of steel can be improved, but it is not obvious. The reason is that when the steel is alloyed with chromium, the type of surface oxide changes to a surface oxide similar to that formed on

a pure chromium metal. This tightly adhering chrome-rich oxide protects the surface from further oxidation. This oxide layer is extremely thin, through which you can see the natural luster of the steel surface, giving stainless steel a unique surface. Moreover, if the surface is damaged, the exposed

steel surface will react with the atmosphere to repair itself, reforming the passive film and continuing its protective role.

Therefore, all stainless steels have a common characteristic that chromium content is 10. Mo

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