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What are the functions of stainless steel coil

Speaking of stainless steel coil, we first think of may be stainless steel, because stainless steel is really widely active in our life, because of the existence of stainless steel, every aspect of our life has its help. In the past stainless steel coil production will always pollute the environment, now the

country more attention to the protection of the environment, so now the production of stainless steel coil more and more attention to low pollution. So stainless steel coil is a certain market potential, its role in the end is those? Now, follow the xiaobian below.

Function and value

Speaking of stainless steel coil application in various areas, the advantages of stainless steel is more significant. Because we all know that stainless steel is the quality of steel, the nature is: rust resistance, corrosion resistance, aesthetic and high strength, 100% recyclable more considerable

characteristics; In addition, in actual use, it can further clearly reflect the effect of energy saving and emission reduction and bring benefits to the society.

For the use of stainless steel coil what advantages, we can talk about the following:

Use stainless steel hot rolled coil made of stainless steel and new use of ordinary carbon steel produced by the original domestic general gondola car under comparison, we can know that using stainless steel to make freight wagons, in consumption can be greatly reduced to 15% of the initial steel,

at the same time, still can make the whole using life cycle greatly reduce steel consumption of about 55%.

More than 75% savings can be achieved based on the life cycle of tons of coal consumed steel. In this case, every increase in output to one ton of stainless steel can completely replace more than four tons of carbon steel. Not only according to the stainless steel manufacturing process and use

process to save steel this key element for comprehensive consideration, stainless steel than ordinary carbon steel section in the use process can save energy in energy 84.25%, reduce CO2 emissions 87.16%.

In general, stainless steel is very helpful for energy saving and emission reduction products, not only conducive to avoid a good "global warming, greenhouse effect", but also to a large extent to improve people's quality of life. Compared with stainless steel products produced by some advanced

enterprises in our country, stainless steel products produced by some other countries and regions not only avoid "energy saving and emission reduction" but also reduce "global warming and greenhouse effect".

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