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Is stainless steel tableware safe

Tableware is used to hold food and ingestion of food utensils, such as bowls, chopsticks, forks, spoons and so on, we used to use tableware are bamboo products, but bamboo products are easy to corroded, and easy to breed bacteria, there is a saying called disease from the mouth, easy to take

food into the import. So the tableware that we use commonly now is stainless steel manufacturing, stainless steel tableware service life is longer, do not know whether everybody has heard 201 stainless steel, so can 201 stainless steel make tableware?

Can stainless steel make tableware

201 stainless steel belongs to the low nickel stainless steel, its anti-rust performance is poor, generally used in contact with the environment is relatively dry products.

While the tableware is usually 304, this stainless steel belongs to high nickel stainless steel, strong rust resistance.

Tableware is to want to often contact water, of oily salt and so on, so 201 cannot eat with tableware, also have a few manufacturers to reduce cost of course, disregard industry standard, use 201 do tableware.

The following four points should be noted when using stainless steel tableware:

First, stainless steel tableware can not be placed for a long time salt, soy sauce, hot soup, etc., because these foods contain many electrolytes, if placed for a long time, stainless steel will like other metals, electrochemical reaction with these electrolytes, so that harmful metal elements precipitation.

2 it is stainless steel tableware does not want long full put strong acidity food (be like melon, fruit, vegetable, soybean, potato kind), the metallic element such as chromium, nickel dissolves in case.

Third, can not use stainless steel tableware suffering Chinese medicine. Because Chinese medicine contains a lot of alkaloids, organic acids and other components, especially in the heating condition, it is difficult to avoid chemical reaction with it, and make the drug ineffective, or even generate some

more toxic compounds.

Fourth, do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidation of chemical agents such as soda powder, bleach, sodium hypochlorite washing stainless steel tableware. Because these substances are electrolytes, and the stainless steel will have a chemical reaction, resulting in harmful substances to the

human body.

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