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The heat conduction efficiency of stainless steel coil is mu

The outer coil and the inner coil of the water tank of air energy water heater are neither good nor bad in the absolute sense. They have advantages and disadvantages:

Built-in coil

Advantages: high efficiency, rapid heating, large energy efficiency ratio, low maintenance cost;

Disadvantages: long-term use, coil and water contact easy to scale, affect the thermal efficiency, affected by different water quality is easy to corrosion.

However, the water tank with built-in coil tube of air energy water heater, such as chigo air energy series water heater, is equipped with built-in magnesium rod design, which can effectively prevent the water tank from scaling and corrosion. In this way, the disadvantages of built-in coil tube are

eliminated, and the advantages of internal coil tube are maximized.

Magnesium anode rod magnesium is the least potential metal in the electrochemical sequence and is physiologically non-toxic. Magnesium alloy is used as the anode of the metal component that needs to be protected. It is easy to lose electrons by taking advantage of its characteristics of losing

electrons, so as to protect the metal component from losing electrons and being oxidized. Its main function is antisepsis, is to protect the bladder, extend the life of the bladder.

How it works: once the weld of the liner leaks iron, it will be corroded quickly. Since magnesium is more reactive than iron, corrosion of magnesium first protects iron. Therefore, the anode magnesium rod is not used to remove scale. Its protection principle indicates that it mainly generates

magnesium oxide, and of course, it can also be neutralized with other free negative ions, such as magnesium carbonate. None of these things are harmful to the human body. No need to worry.

The outer coil

Advantages: the coil is not in direct contact with water, not easy to be affected by water scale and corrosion;

Disadvantages: relative to the inner coil, low thermal efficiency, slow heating, the coil damage can only be replaced. Cistern inner wall USES a process to be able to produce scale likewise in meeting, because heat bilges the effect that cold contracts repeatedly, wall of coil tube is easy to separate,

inside bladder is easy burst.

So, the inside coil of cistern of water heater of air energy water heater and outer coil, it is each have advantage, also each have short. You choose

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