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What is called drawing stainless steel pipe 304

304 stainless steel drawing plate is the surface of stainless steel like the texture of silk, this is only a process of stainless steel. The surface is matte, carefully look at the above have a trace of grain, but do not feel out. Than the general bright stainless steel wear-resistant, looks more class.
An overview of the
304 stainless steel drawing plate is the surface of stainless steel like the texture of silk, this is only a process of stainless steel. Surface is inferior smooth, look carefully above have grain of a silk, but touch not come out.than general bright stainless steel wear-resisting, look more on class a few.
Quality standard
1. The blanking accuracy of all components shall be guaranteed, and the allowable deviation of component length shall be 1mm.
2. Check whether the components are straight before blanking; otherwise, they must be straightened.
3, when welding electrode or wire should be selected suitable for the type of welding materials, and there should be a factory certificate.
4. Components must be placed in an accurate position during welding.
5. During welding, the welding spots between the components should be solid, the welding seam should be full, the welding wave on the surface of the welding seam should be uniform, and there should be no biting edge, incomplete welding, cracks, residues, welding tumors, burn through, arc

scratch, arc pit and needle hole and other defects. There should be no spatter in the welding area.
6, after the completion of welding, welding slag should be knocked clean.
7. After the welding and assembly of components are completed, the components should be properly polished and polished with hand-held tools to make the appearance smooth and smooth.
The quality problem
1. Size exceeding allowable deviation: for the deviation of weld length, width, thickness, deviation of centerline, bending, etc., the relative position size of the welding part should be strictly controlled.
2. Weld crack: in order to prevent the occurrence of cracks, appropriate welding process parameters and welding procedures should be selected to avoid the use of large current and sudden extinguishing. The weld joints should be overlapped with 10~15mm.
3, surface pores: the welding site must be cleaned, choose the appropriate welding current during the welding process, reduce the welding speed, so that the gas in the weld pool completely escape.
Stainless steel wire drawing board is often used for kitchen and bathroom hardcover, high-grade electrical panel.

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