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426 tube cut 45 degrees, how lofting

1. The role of engineering measurement in building positioning and foundation construction on project quality
Before the construction of the project starts, the building on the construction drawing is firstly lofting and positioning in the field and measuring the control elevation through measurement, which provides the reference for the next construction. This step work is very important, the measurement

accuracy requirements are very high, the success or failure of the whole project quality. If appeared error inside this link, that will cause major quality accident, the economic loss that brings is immeasurable. Similar engineering quality accidents have occurred in the construction industry: the due

north direction of the buildings on the drawings has been changed to the due south direction, and the result of the accident is that the houses that have been built are smashed down again and started from scratch. It can be seen that the positioning measurement of the building is very important.
At the stage of foundation construction, the construction of foundation pile position needs more accurate engineering measurement technology. According to the requirements of the construction code, the allowable deviation of pile position of cap is very small. Once the deviation of pile position

exceeds the specification requirement, it will cause the change of original cap design, thus increasing the engineering cost. Serious deviation of pile position will lead to the abandonment of pile position and the need to re-fill pile and other treatment measures. On the one hand, it will affect the

progress of construction; on the other hand, it will change the original calculation of stress, which will cause hidden risks to the quality of the building.
In the process of earthwork excavation and foundation construction, due to the design requirements, earthwork excavation of bottom plate, bearing platform and bottom beam is to avoid scratching the soil layer below the working face as far as possible, so thorough and careful measurement can

control the depth and position of earthwork excavation, avoid overdigging and disorderly digging. Therefore, the construction quality of the cushion and brick membrane can be guaranteed. In addition, the measurement accuracy of the pad and pile head elevation control is the most effective measure

to ensure whether the reinforcement binding of the bottom plate is super high and the flatness of concrete construction of the bottom plate.
Another key of engineering survey in foundation construction stage is the positioning and setting of reinforcement bar of foundation wall column. Otherwise, serious quality accidents will occur. For the project with complex structure and large area, only careful and meticulous measurement and wiring

can ensure the quality of wall column reinforcement and avoid deviation and displacement.
2. The role of engineering measurement in the construction stage of the main structure on the quality of the project
In the construction stage of the main structure, the influence of engineering measurement on the quality of the project mainly includes the following aspects: the alignment of the wall column plane, the control of the perpendicularity of the building, the control of the elevation of the main body, the

control of the floor, the line and the flatness of the components. The accuracy of the alignment of the wall column plane directly affects the overall perpendicularity of the building, and has a serious impact on the quality of the wall column reinforcement binding and formwork construction. So after

every concrete construction is completed, the first procedure is to measure the line. Through the measurement, the pay-off can not only provide a basis for the next procedure, but also timely discover the problems left over from the previous procedure, enabling other professional construction

personnel to timely deal with the quality problems that have occurred, avoid the accumulation of problems, and ultimately lead to quality accidents.

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