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    304 Stainless Steel Plate (Fast Delivery)

    After a period of cool autumn weather, the stainless steel market has experienced a dismal “golden ninth” in autumn, and the “silver ten” after the National Day holiday will become the last straw of traders’ attention this year. Look, it is very appropriate to use the words “weak and hard to change”.




    This year, the stainless steel market was affected by the price of nickel. In the first half of the year, there was a sharp increase. In the second half of the year, the market retreated. Businesses are looking forward to the mid- to long-term trend of further sharp rises. However, the prices of nickel and stainless steel markets are promising. Actually drift away.




    Under the weak situation, stainless steel manufacturers are experiencing the baptism of the industry. In recent years, the stainless steel market has been rectified and the traders have been eliminated in batches and batches. We have seen the emergence of Lianzhong’s funding problems. The traditional old-brand companies of stainless steel are also feeling pressure under the baptism of the industry. What makes people think about the future of stainless steel? Development worry.

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