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    What are the main purposes for surgical stainless steel


    Surgical grade of stainless steel is generally used for surgical or bio-medical purposes, which is also called hygiene or sanitation stainless steel.
    Often, we mix up two different types, so let’s identify the different grades for stainless steel firstly.
    Usually, we categorize AISI304L into the type for food grade stainless steel, and we classify AISI316L into the kind for surgical grade stainless steel.
    Bio-medical stainless steel is iron-based corrosion-resistant alloy, one of the earliest developed alloy material for bio-medical purposes, consisting of advantages like easily processed, reasonable price, high corrosion-resistant quality.
    AISI316L bio-medical stainless steel can be widely applied into many industries:
    (1) Artificial joints and fracture internal fixation devices are used in fracture repair, bone alignment correction, chronic spine correction, and skull defect repair.
    (2) In dentistry, it is used in dental implants, orthodontics, root implants and auxiliary devices.
    (3) In the cardiovascular system, it is used in various implanted electrodes, sensor housings and alloy wires, and can also be used to make artificial heart valves, etc.
    (4) AISI316L medical stainless steel is also used in other aspects, such as various ophthalmic sutures, fixation rings, orbital fillings, etc.

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